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Balance reactions balance Reactions of balance arise automatically when balance is unexpectedly lost.They allow us to keep it and to restore and provide the free and independent movements of the head and extremities at any position of a body.Protective reactions Sudden and sharp loss of balance causes also protective reactions.They provide protection of the person when we lost balance and there was a falling threat.We throw out straight arms with the opened palms forward to lean on them forward vypryamitelny reaction.

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Later, the same year, this offer was supported by all members of Group that started process of a useful exchange of visits, fresh ideas and practical practices between Kitezhem and some most successful organizations which many years conduct therapeutic work with problem children.And this process already yields results.After ten years of consulting work with the Russian ministries, local authorities and separate orphanages and schools to me was extremely pleasantly and flatterly within the last five years to watch development of this remarkable community and, perhaps, to help it.

We have to give

We have to give such opportunity to it are a kid it is necessary to carry on the house that he studied world around, to give it different subjects that he got acquainted with them and chose that especially will be pleasant to it.The big magnifying glass perfectly is suitable for studying of a collection in details.It will be especially interesting if you, walking near a pond or the river, will gather in bank of water and put everything there that will interest the child, houses he with pleasure will consider the finds through a magnifying glass.

At a nistagma, squint, other

You need only to watch that the kid was in the correct pose, after all it has to be convenient to it to consider the events.At a nistagma, squint, other violations of motive functions of eyes or decrease in visual acuity experts who are engaged with the child, and the ophthalmologist will give to you concrete advice how to overcome these problems.Of course, often mother and native the kid, playing with him, and automatically do everything that I advise.However I after all emphasize importance of these occupations.

Both the hearing

The special role is played thus by parents and daily occupations in natural, house, a situation.Both the hearing aid, and special training are necessary to the child as soon as possible as full deafness is fraught with lag in speech and social development, it deprives of it communication.In Great Britain the guides to training and hearing aids can be found in the local audiological centers which cooperate with medical and educational institutions.Hearing aids well help such children: they strengthen sounds, almost them without distorting.

Chair with

At sharply raised tone of sgibatel or razgibatepour, and also at the changing muscular tone we do not recommend to use this seat.Chair with a cylindrical seat Initially the chair with a cylindrical seat was invented for children with the raised tone of razgibatel.Such children cannot hold a direct back on one line with a basin and sit down so that feet were bent in coxofemoral joints and divorced, and feet completely leaned on a floor.Sitting, they cannot extend forward a hand and if extend, reduction and a leg extention is aggravated.


The main thing, she understood that this process quite we operate and depends on her will and understanding.ACCEPTANCE OF SHAPE In ordinary life people prefer to play games, adjoining not souls and meanings of lives, but role functions.Moreover, adults like to get out of habitual roles no more, than a snail from own armor.I am the owner of this firm!, I am head of the family!, I am a politician!.Can be in a modern civilization differently and it is impossible, but from the point of view of normal mentality such manner to communicate the kind of paranoia in itself.

There is no hare

That did not become on material of the subject One and Is a Lot of To fix the correct use of phrases with the word No.Sample: There is no cube there are no cubes.There is no hare there are no hares.There is no hedgehog there are no hedgehogs.On a visit at the Little Red Riding Hood a grant , fig.To exercise the child in practical assimilation of a form of nouns in the form of a dative case of plural the child has pictures, with the image of forest animals: protein, hares, hedgehogs, bears, birdies; at the adult the subject pictures representing the cone, honey, nutlets, carrot, apples, a cone.

Not only

About sex during pregnancy more precisely, about its similarity I still will tell separately, but also in addition problems are enough.Not only that the man faces falling of interest in the person problems, cares, communication etc..Thus on it merges also all negative of pregnancy fears, whims, whims, bad mood Only having an inexhaustible stock of love in heart, realizing importance of the events, it is possible safely to start the project under the name posterity.And the real mans force is shown just in that not only to sustain all problems, but also successfully to overcome them.

In these

Remember at Strugatsky A hail fateful?Mentors injected more and more unexpected components into system.That monkeys to the city will be let out, revolution will be stimulated.In these spasms of the environment surrounding the Hail I felt something very close to our own technique of purposeful calls.The environment directed by mentors forced people to reconsider the Image of the world, to rise over habitual ideological constructions, it is necessary the ordinary.

She only

All nearby turned to us to listen to the mothers answer.She only said: Well, road.Without paying attention to the muffled snickers, I told with sympathy: Mothers, I thought, you said to me that will die if you have sex!Now one thousand audience laughed still is stronger, than over Steve Martin.And mother decided that in current situation the simplest to repeat the told: Well, truly, road.And now, that you did not think that my mother the madwoman who tried fears to beat out any nonsense from the head of the unfortunate child, I will tell that she talked not to me.

The internal

Long?And where we hurry?Such rates are set by the nature.To make the child the bandit or the robot it is possible, obviously, and quicker, but here to return it to REASON, two years and the WHOLE WORLD are necessary.The internal program of development of the child is developed against influence of habitat from which he it is free and, mostly is unpredictable, contrary to our plans, scoops information and all the life experience.Childrens intelligence, emotions, soul napityvatsya by real life, the personality according to the internal program grows, gains strength and experience, selfconfidence and world around.

But instead

Some families found safer ways.They consider very important for adults to talk to children about real vital problems which arose at them because of drugs.But instead of telling about own use of drugs, they asked the relative, for example the uncle, or the close and loyal friend of a family having own history of drug addiction to tell about it.Teenagers whom I met and which talked to the relative about drugs, found such conversations more useful, than talk with parents.And the real story about the use of drugs from the one who does not establish the house of rules, makes bigger impact.

Also know, they

I think, it because parents know about alcohol and nicotine quite enough and, perhaps, plaid about them at teenage age.I do not prove that most of parents resolve or they should allow children to use these things, I simply say that the main part of teenagers declares that parents know about their intention to try alcohol and tobacco.It strongly differs from the relations of parents to that children use drugs.Also know, they are right.According to the Centers of control of diseases and their prevention, the Center of research of risky acts among youth and the American oncological society, seven of ten teenagers try to smoke, and eight of ten tried alcohol.

At such

It is necessary to be guided by these conclusions when we deal with violations of development of the speech in children with a cerebral palsy.When the child has some motive violations, they are reflected in operation of his speech and respiratory device, by a voice and an articulation, a mimicry and gestures.At such child sensitivity violations will be to a greater or lesser extent expressed.All this leaves a mark on development of the speech.Speech development of the child with a cerebral palsy Children with a cerebral palsy differently respond to the speech turned to them.

Stephen Paufkipsi, New York. Stephen


A bench from two cubes and a level To teach the child to do overlappings on a steady basis.Outgaming: toys sit on a bench and sing.Speech maintenance: To Segesit, Lyalya sits, hare sits.Questions and tasks: Where bench?What is it?Put a doll a bear, hare on a bench.What does the doll do?, etc.Gate from two bricks and a level To teach the child to do overlappings on less steady basis, to call construction, to beat it.Outgaming: Driving under gate of the car, balls.

For me presence

Mans look.For me presence on childbirth was first than that unreal.All life of the woman gave birth, without mans support.It as that is not accepted that the husband participated in such absolutely female process!And here the offer arrives Went with me for childbirth!Here still nonsense what!To be present on childbirth!There naked women, at them from where that that that gets out.Also does not smell as neither an esthetics, nor romanticism.

But I was so lazy

It can be carried out when necessary, being engaged in anything, for example, watching TV, standing at a plate, expecting the bus or playing a computer game.But I was so lazy and in this question irresponsible that did it occasionally, and not once a day as it is necessary, and at most time ten.Still sometimes sat in a pose of tailor lotus.And all my care of own body was limited to that I, being afraid of a varicosity, watched TV with the feet raised higher than a level of hips.

The father

It was caught in a trap from which he could not run away because the father and it were in the close room, from where it was impossible to get out all eight hours.Naturally, it was right.The father planned this conversation for that time when Bob has no place to get to.The father considered that it will do the son good, and did not understand that this the worst from this that he could make.Many friends said to me that if conversations about drugs happen at limited time, they become more comfortable for them.

In turn, being

The instructions with the corresponding name given in the appendix will help to define initial class in each section of a grant according to a level of development of the child.In turn, being at a certain stage of work, it is possible to give an approximate assessment of a concrete indicator of development of the kid.The accounting of the given individual classes is obligatory.For convenience record is offered to have, specifying serial number of occupation according to the section, a subject and the purpose briefly, date of this occupation and a mark about performance the child or not coped with a goal, in what difficulty on what it is necessary to work; if the child on the following occupation with a goal does not consult, registers same and so before full assimilation by the child of the offered material.

If your friends

If your friends acquaint you on one week with one man, and on following with another and you can drink together coffee or have dinner, but further your relations do not come, your children should not know anything at all.But what happens when you found the reliable friend, presented someone to the children, but everything is not so good how you want?How to be with a situation when your children did not like your new friend or the girlfriend?First, it is necessary to find out the hostility reason.

But, companions, same

And if, God forbid, that at any deal half an hour on bringing the woman in labor to maternity hospital, is.And any claims.But, companions, same simply guard!Similar institutions prosper, entice everything new pregnant women and bullshit them.And many future mummies on it are conducted.Horror!I am not the adherent of the health system which developed at us, but common sense and an instinct of selfpreservation prompt me that it is possible to close eyes to hospital walls, so far as concerns safe birth, about LIFE of your child.

The confidence

The offered installation I think only of good things that they could happen.The confidence awakens belief This lesson is constructed on two analogies and therefore can be divided into two occupations.Materials Two bowls or two glasses, piece of a hose what are given usually air to an aquarium for fishes, or the bent straw which ends have to be lowered in both capacities, a tablet of an antatsid, a label.Lesson course Part The belief is force which each of us has.The belief is the rhythmic pulsation of energy or continuous vibration which is present at soul of each person.

As a result, we bought

Choice, of course, the huge.Eyes run up.The prices different, but quality that is interesting, not always corresponds to thing cost.As a result, we bought a bed domestic for thousand, and a carriage for Carriages for babies, as we know, happen several types usual with a removable cradle and it is sedentary a lying walking seat and transformers.At that moment I was incited categorically against the last.This is Inna on courses of young fathers and mothers sang to us that the carriage has to be easy to drag it on ladders on walks and back, and the main lack of transformers that they, allegedly, heavy.

The architecture

External forms of traditional Russian architecture connect consciousness of the child to the kind fair world of fairy tales, give feeling of communication with the native earth and the people, return feeling of roots, rescuing from loneliness and a restlessness.The architecture and pictures on walls of houses, tradition to put on the embroidered Russian shirts on holidays and to sing national songs are too a way to treat consciousness.Creating a world picture, we lean on the most deep images of national culture, on the fairy tale and the myth.

It needs

How to unite the speech and the movements Many adults like to sing in a bathtub.Perhaps, and your child likes to rustle, pleskayas in a bathtub.It needs to be encouraged because the speech supports the movements, helps to control them and connects intention and action.So if your kid now masters the speech, sing together with him childrens songs and play the games connecting actions with words, for example: Washed up a neck washed up an ear wiped chilly, etc.Independence training We wash hands and a face To go to kindergarten, your child surely has to learn to wash and wipe hands and a face.

The kid, whose

And for the child with violations, and for his brothers and sisters, and the normal family is most important for his parents on light.It is impossible to bring everyone and everything on an altar of care of the child.The kid, whose parents are exhausted and excessively careful, will inevitably suffer and not only he, but also all family.At worst the family will not sustain excessive tension and will break up.The father can take offense at the child who is engrossing all attention of mother and took a place which belonged to it earlier.

Came running

Looks at it, and on it such pale, hardly noticeable second stripe.At Olya heart was driven in.My mother!It cannot simply be!Just dying of a gastritis attack, it jumped and a bullet rushed off in the next drugstore behind more expensive and qualitative dough.Bought at once two pieces.Came running home.Again in a toilet.And on this fatherinlaw the second strip already such obvious, fat.Ole it is bad.Sits in a toilet and roars.

However at a cerebral

However at a cerebral palsy the curve of the electroencephalogram can often have the disorganized character, and in this case it is difficult to establish, whether there is at the child an epilepsy, whether there were at it spasms, or not.After necessary examinations are conducted, other diseases are excluded, it is necessary to solve, whether there is at the child a cerebral palsy, usually it becomes clear during a first or second lives.The period of diagnostic procedures very disturbing for all family.

What happened? On the sounds

I leaned back on a pillow.That is good as!Stop!That that is not enough.And!So it from the neighboring box plaints and shouts ceased to be heard.What happened?On the sounds reaching from there I understood that at the neigbour attempts began.But she does not shout, I thought, means attempts it is not sick.NOT PAINFULLY!After a while I heard a babys cry.Well, thank God, the girl gave rise!Where that in an hour one and a half effect of anesthetic began to weaken, and I felt weak pain again.


Occupation What?red: excursion on group Appendix EXAMPLES OF THE INDIVIDUAL CORRECTIONAL WORKS Purpose of the individual correctional developing occupations according to the level of psychological development and structure of speech defect Individual diary of Ivanov Vanya Tutor Sidorova V.P.Date of birth of the child Date of inspection Age on the date of inspection months Level of psychological development Sl.acoustical approximate reactions months Zr.


That the child has to know today, simply stuns try to make with him scientific computer homework.Ms.Donnelly speaks: Big professionalny orientation at school is necessary.Children should not come to a stakeledzh, without understanding, than are going to be engaged in life.Internaturnaya the program, practical programs at one schools they are, in others is not present.But them has to be more.Parents should work with schools and to encourage professional about razovaniye.

One child

Yes simply without having learned to be protected from their leading and directing role, the personality will not find ability to own growth.Disappearing from a field of consciousness of parents, the teenager himself starts looking for for himself more suitable field.But its possibilities of search are very limited therefore here the case goes its majesty into action.One child it becomes casual the fan of a soccer team, another the Internet.Even, if it is its independent choice, not the fact yet that he chose the best.

It if the normal

Some neuropsychologists consider that creation of function of any regulation begins in the prenatal period and is connected with behavior of mother.But in any case it depends on a feeding regularity, on change of wet diapers, from schooling to go to a pot and to eat a squash.From one thousand everyday trifles of which there is a stability of tenor of life of a normal family.It if the normal If mother drinks at least not every day.Well, at least once in a week.If the shouting child is not perceived as an annoying hindrance.

The kid looks

It is the first attempt of purposeful action, the child, seeking to catch a subject, intentionally gives to it hands.The kid looks after a subject with which slowly drive here and there before his face.If to enclose a rattle in his hand, it will strong squeeze it in a palm.Only for a second he detains on it a look, but then starts swinging randomly hands and often beats himself a rattle and right there starts complaining loudly of it at this stage the child is not capable to shake a rattle randomly.

Then you will

Therefore it is important to read attentively why a certain way of the treatment of the child is otherwise recommended.Then you will be able to understand that you should change to solve problems of your kid.Gradually you will become better to understand his requirements and will be able to find new receptions which can help it, and new ways which will stimulate the kid to work independently.We always study at parents so surely share your new ideas with the expert who is engaged with your child.

We cannot

They can reach for a toy in any direction, do not use a hand for a support in a sitting position, master and improve the manipulative movements.We cannot wait for the same progress from children with cerebral paralysis, but help them to develop these main skills in our forces.When the child sits in correctly picked up stool which supports his body in a stable and symmetric pose, it can concentrate on actions by hands to play, and later to eat and put on.The child should not spend a long time in a chair If all the time to keep the child with heavy motive violations for safety in a stool which completely supports his body, then he will be able to sit only with such maximum support.

And secondly

First, she well felt, and anything especially her did not disturb.And secondly Zhenke should have used these months to earn money.It is a lot of money.Such impressive sum for which it could not only buy a dowry to the kid but also LIVES then with the child at least A YEAR!Only ponder: to live the whole year, being in the decree, receiving only scanty benefit in at that time of rubles!So Zhenya counting in life only on himself plowed, as an ox.It grabbed any opportunity to earn additionally, saved on everything, refused to herself pleasures and postponed, postponed, postponed each kopek.


They felt sorry for her and allowed Frida to express the feelings.They showed that to them her experiences are not indifferent, and did not wait that she will listen to them and everything will accept.Arriving so, parents slowed down the speed of emotional differences which Frida was compelled to endure.Some parents consider that they can help nothing because are the reason of a problem, but it not so.If I understood something, working on this book, so it that, showing understanding, you very much help us, especially when the teenager feels powerless against own emotions.

The offered

Transformation of a caterpillar into a doll, and then into a butterfly too successful analogy which can be used at this lesson.The offered installation I recognize all fine that is in me, and my words and actions reflect my true essence The spirit is ubiquitous Materials The transparent glass or plastic bowl filled with water and small transparent glass small bottle without cover.Lesson course The drawing given above symbolizes the body which is completely shipped in Spirit.

After all not without

Like, to give birth to the boy is abruptly, and the girl well, it was not lucky.After all not without reason in maternity hospitals at an extract for blue parcel give to the nurse of rubles, and for the pink only And so I wound myself, did not guess to absolutely full rubbish yet.At one fine moment I vividly imagined as the next year I will go to a traditional meeting with schoolmates.Little girls will ask me: And who at you was born?And I will answer: Girl!And they in soul in this occasion will GLOAT OVER.

Roofing felts: But not to bribe. Jessica: Well, all the same, it is its money. José: If the father

That is solved

It happens almost always.We give to the person freedom and at the same time we give him our trust.Anthony Surozhsky Conversation on Teachers meeting in half a year.Ania received the three for control on algebra.That is solved three problems from five.Ania lags behind on stories a little.Cannot understand subtleties of contradictions between different groups of populists.To Ania it is difficult without reliable base to acquire trigonometry.

He and in this

Our attempt to frighten it, having sent to a visit for two weeks to orphanage, was not crowned with success.He and in this orphanage quickly adapted, entered authority and, seemingly, felt quite comfortably.It returned to Kitezh only after transfer to other family was promised it.Here we also suspected that only the leader so can resist circumstances.So it is possible to work with it.It is necessary only … to aim a call at the development, aspiration to come from under guardianship of adults for service to childrens community.

But the most

And we should think any more.But the most awful that we not simply think.We think over, we decide, we think out, we conceive and we think a lot.As a result, to get rid all and to relax becomes for us a task really impracticable.Result obsession, suspiciousness, a heartsearching.And examples of that female head was guilty of problems with conception, it is a lot of.However, down with tediousness!Especially as not everything is so sad and hopeless.

But such

Here it is already not so much about transfer of intellectual information, how many about transformation of the identity of the pupil in the certain, in advance set direction.Perhaps, for the sake of this development it is not a pity to offer time which is released on implementation of the school program?Usual inquisitiveness serves in an ideal as incentive to study.But such children come across, alas, very seldom at any school.Some children manage to be carried away a pursuit of good marks and, therefore, as motive approval of people around and, first of all, parents acts here.

Or it they

Lead fullfledged life now!Raise children and do career.By the way, psychologists claim that the greatest results in a professional field are reached by those women at whom everything in this life is balanced there is a work and there is a family the husband children.Or it they simply calm us?But I very much want to trust them.Therefore long live harmony!Mans look.When we, at last, decided to give birth to the child, most of all I was afraid of one that our family will not have enough money.


To what you cannot oppose, should be headed.The only rescue, in my opinion to sit down nearby and with humour to comment, all events on the screen.So you will manage to teach to filter a market, to impart healthy mistrust to a flow of information and to teach to pull out pearl grains from this stream.Paradigms of education change, as gloves.Whether long ago was considered that mainthis MarxistLeninist conviction.Now all envy Chubais and say that the main thing to become the oligarch.

We conversed

I correctly wrote it?Yes, at the beginning and.Then after all forced to be closed.After a shelter we were scattered on childrens homes and there already I was crumpled.There were some tutors who could shout … when I tried to talk to someone That was one good aunt psychologist.We conversed with it in an open and frank manner.And other aunty approached and overheard our conversation.And me then was years I explained to the psychologist that to me is sad tooth hurts, and anybody does nothing.


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