He and in this

He and in this Our attempt to frighten it, having sent to a visit for two weeks to orphanage, was not crowned with success.

He and in this orphanage quickly adapted, entered authority and, seemingly, felt quite comfortably.

It returned to Kitezh only after transfer to other family was promised it.

Here we also suspected that only the leader so can resist circumstances.

So it is possible to work with it.

It is necessary only … to aim a call at the development, aspiration to come from under guardianship of adults for service to childrens community.

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But the most

But the most And we should think any more.

But the most awful that we not simply think.

We think over, we decide, we think out, we conceive and we think a lot.

As a result, to get rid all and to relax becomes for us a task really impracticable.

Result obsession, suspiciousness, a heartsearching.

And examples of that female head was guilty of problems with conception, it is a lot of.

However, down with tediousness!

Especially as not everything is so sad and hopeless.

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But such

But such Here it is already not so much about transfer of intellectual information, how many about transformation of the identity of the pupil in the certain, in advance set direction.

Perhaps, for the sake of this development it is not a pity to offer time which is released on implementation of the school program?

Usual inquisitiveness serves in an ideal as incentive to study.

But such children come across, alas, very seldom at any school.

Some children manage to be carried away a pursuit of good marks and, therefore, as motive approval of people around and, first of all, parents acts here.

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Or it they

Or it they Lead fullfledged life now!

Raise children and do career.

By the way, psychologists claim that the greatest results in a professional field are reached by those women at whom everything in this life is balanced there is a work and there is a family the husband children.

Or it they simply calm us?

But I very much want to trust them.

Therefore long live harmony!

Mans look.

When we, at last, decided to give birth to the child, most of all I was afraid of one that our family will not have enough money.

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