The kid looks

The kid looks It is the first attempt of purposeful action, the child, seeking to catch a subject, intentionally gives to it hands.

The kid looks after a subject with which slowly drive here and there before his face.

If to enclose a rattle in his hand, it will strong squeeze it in a palm.

Only for a second he detains on it a look, but then starts swinging randomly hands and often beats himself a rattle and right there starts complaining loudly of it at this stage the child is not capable to shake a rattle randomly.

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Then you will

Then you will Therefore it is important to read attentively why a certain way of the treatment of the child is otherwise recommended.

Then you will be able to understand that you should change to solve problems of your kid.

Gradually you will become better to understand his requirements and will be able to find new receptions which can help it, and new ways which will stimulate the kid to work independently.

We always study at parents so surely share your new ideas with the expert who is engaged with your child.

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We cannot

We cannot They can reach for a toy in any direction, do not use a hand for a support in a sitting position, master and improve the manipulative movements.

We cannot wait for the same progress from children with cerebral paralysis, but help them to develop these main skills in our forces.

When the child sits in correctly picked up stool which supports his body in a stable and symmetric pose, it can concentrate on actions by hands to play, and later to eat and put on.

The child should not spend a long time in a chair If all the time to keep the child with heavy motive violations for safety in a stool which completely supports his body, then he will be able to sit only with such maximum support.

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And secondly

And secondly First, she well felt, and anything especially her did not disturb.

And secondly Zhenke should have used these months to earn money.

It is a lot of money.

Such impressive sum for which it could not only buy a dowry to the kid but also LIVES then with the child at least A YEAR!

Only ponder: to live the whole year, being in the decree, receiving only scanty benefit in at that time of rubles!

So Zhenya counting in life only on himself plowed, as an ox.

It grabbed any opportunity to earn additionally, saved on everything, refused to herself pleasures and postponed, postponed, postponed each kopek.

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Arriving They felt sorry for her and allowed Frida to express the feelings.

They showed that to them her experiences are not indifferent, and did not wait that she will listen to them and everything will accept.

Arriving so, parents slowed down the speed of emotional differences which Frida was compelled to endure.

Some parents consider that they can help nothing because are the reason of a problem, but it not so.

If I understood something, working on this book, so it that, showing understanding, you very much help us, especially when the teenager feels powerless against own emotions.

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