What happened? On the sounds

What happened? On the sounds I leaned back on a pillow.

That is good as!


That that is not enough.


So it from the neighboring box plaints and shouts ceased to be heard.

What happened?

On the sounds reaching from there I understood that at the neigbour attempts began.

But she does not shout, I thought, means attempts it is not sick.


After a while I heard a babys cry.

Well, thank God, the girl gave rise!

Where that in an hour one and a half effect of anesthetic began to weaken, and I felt weak pain again.

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Occupation Occupation What?

red: excursion on group Appendix EXAMPLES OF THE INDIVIDUAL CORRECTIONAL WORKS Purpose of the individual correctional developing occupations according to the level of psychological development and structure of speech defect Individual diary of Ivanov Vanya Tutor Sidorova V.


Date of birth of the child Date of inspection Age on the date of inspection months Level of psychological development Sl.

acoustical approximate reactions months Zr.

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Internaturnaya That the child has to know today, simply stuns try to make with him scientific computer homework.


Donnelly speaks: Big professionalny orientation at school is necessary.

Children should not come to a stakeledzh, without understanding, than are going to be engaged in life.

Internaturnaya the program, practical programs at one schools they are, in others is not present.

But them has to be more.

Parents should work with schools and to encourage professional about razovaniye.

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One child

One child Yes simply without having learned to be protected from their leading and directing role, the personality will not find ability to own growth.

Disappearing from a field of consciousness of parents, the teenager himself starts looking for for himself more suitable field.

But its possibilities of search are very limited therefore here the case goes its majesty into action.

One child it becomes casual the fan of a soccer team, another the Internet.

Even, if it is its independent choice, not the fact yet that he chose the best.

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It if the normal

It if the normal Some neuropsychologists consider that creation of function of any regulation begins in the prenatal period and is connected with behavior of mother.

But in any case it depends on a feeding regularity, on change of wet diapers, from schooling to go to a pot and to eat a squash.

From one thousand everyday trifles of which there is a stability of tenor of life of a normal family.

It if the normal If mother drinks at least not every day.

Well, at least once in a week.

If the shouting child is not perceived as an annoying hindrance.

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