The architecture

The architecture External forms of traditional Russian architecture connect consciousness of the child to the kind fair world of fairy tales, give feeling of communication with the native earth and the people, return feeling of roots, rescuing from loneliness and a restlessness.

The architecture and pictures on walls of houses, tradition to put on the embroidered Russian shirts on holidays and to sing national songs are too a way to treat consciousness.

Creating a world picture, we lean on the most deep images of national culture, on the fairy tale and the myth.

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It needs

It needs How to unite the speech and the movements Many adults like to sing in a bathtub.

Perhaps, and your child likes to rustle, pleskayas in a bathtub.

It needs to be encouraged because the speech supports the movements, helps to control them and connects intention and action.

So if your kid now masters the speech, sing together with him childrens songs and play the games connecting actions with words, for example: Washed up a neck washed up an ear wiped chilly, etc.

Independence training We wash hands and a face To go to kindergarten, your child surely has to learn to wash and wipe hands and a face.

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The kid, whose

The kid, whose And for the child with violations, and for his brothers and sisters, and the normal family is most important for his parents on light.

It is impossible to bring everyone and everything on an altar of care of the child.

The kid, whose parents are exhausted and excessively careful, will inevitably suffer and not only he, but also all family.

At worst the family will not sustain excessive tension and will break up.

The father can take offense at the child who is engrossing all attention of mother and took a place which belonged to it earlier.

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Came running

Came running Looks at it, and on it such pale, hardly noticeable second stripe.

At Olya heart was driven in.

My mother!

It cannot simply be!

Just dying of a gastritis attack, it jumped and a bullet rushed off in the next drugstore behind more expensive and qualitative dough.

Bought at once two pieces.

Came running home.

Again in a toilet.

And on this fatherinlaw the second strip already such obvious, fat.

Ole it is bad.

Sits in a toilet and roars.

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However at a cerebral

However at a cerebral However at a cerebral palsy the curve of the electroencephalogram can often have the disorganized character, and in this case it is difficult to establish, whether there is at the child an epilepsy, whether there were at it spasms, or not.

After necessary examinations are conducted, other diseases are excluded, it is necessary to solve, whether there is at the child a cerebral palsy, usually it becomes clear during a first or second lives.

The period of diagnostic procedures very disturbing for all family.

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