In turn, being

In turn, being The instructions with the corresponding name given in the appendix will help to define initial class in each section of a grant according to a level of development of the child.

In turn, being at a certain stage of work, it is possible to give an approximate assessment of a concrete indicator of development of the kid.

The accounting of the given individual classes is obligatory.

For convenience record is offered to have, specifying serial number of occupation according to the section, a subject and the purpose briefly, date of this occupation and a mark about performance the child or not coped with a goal, in what difficulty on what it is necessary to work; if the child on the following occupation with a goal does not consult, registers same and so before full assimilation by the child of the offered material.

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If your friends

If your friends If your friends acquaint you on one week with one man, and on following with another and you can drink together coffee or have dinner, but further your relations do not come, your children should not know anything at all.

But what happens when you found the reliable friend, presented someone to the children, but everything is not so good how you want?

How to be with a situation when your children did not like your new friend or the girlfriend?

First, it is necessary to find out the hostility reason.

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But, companions, same

But, companions, same And if, God forbid, that at any deal half an hour on bringing the woman in labor to maternity hospital, is.

And any claims.

But, companions, same simply guard!

Similar institutions prosper, entice everything new pregnant women and bullshit them.

And many future mummies on it are conducted.


I am not the adherent of the health system which developed at us, but common sense and an instinct of selfpreservation prompt me that it is possible to close eyes to hospital walls, so far as concerns safe birth, about LIFE of your child.

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The confidence

The confidence The offered installation I think only of good things that they could happen.

The confidence awakens belief This lesson is constructed on two analogies and therefore can be divided into two occupations.

Materials Two bowls or two glasses, piece of a hose what are given usually air to an aquarium for fishes, or the bent straw which ends have to be lowered in both capacities, a tablet of an antatsid, a label.

Lesson course Part The belief is force which each of us has.

The belief is the rhythmic pulsation of energy or continuous vibration which is present at soul of each person.

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As a result, we bought

As a result, we bought Choice, of course, the huge.

Eyes run up.

The prices different, but quality that is interesting, not always corresponds to thing cost.

As a result, we bought a bed domestic for thousand, and a carriage for Carriages for babies, as we know, happen several types usual with a removable cradle and it is sedentary a lying walking seat and transformers.

At that moment I was incited categorically against the last.

This is Inna on courses of young fathers and mothers sang to us that the carriage has to be easy to drag it on ladders on walks and back, and the main lack of transformers that they, allegedly, heavy.

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