Stephen Paufkipsi, New York. Stephen

Stephen Paufkipsi, New York. Stephen You too small.

Therefore next day she came from school and told: I asked and now I know that such a phallus.

From that day I know that she for certain thinks: you are not necessary to me for talk on sex.

I can find out everything.

Stephen Paufkipsi, New York.

Stephen is absolutely right.

Unfortunately, sometimes in such questions at you only one chance.

All or nothing, other options are not present.

When I was small, probably years, I asked the father that such will pass.

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Questions A bench from two cubes and a level To teach the child to do overlappings on a steady basis.

Outgaming: toys sit on a bench and sing.

Speech maintenance: To Segesit, Lyalya sits, hare sits.

Questions and tasks: Where bench?

What is it?

Put a doll a bear, hare on a bench.

What does the doll do?

, etc.

Gate from two bricks and a level To teach the child to do overlappings on less steady basis, to call construction, to beat it.

Outgaming: Driving under gate of the car, balls.

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For me presence

For me presence Mans look.

For me presence on childbirth was first than that unreal.

All life of the woman gave birth, without mans support.

It as that is not accepted that the husband participated in such absolutely female process!

And here the offer arrives Went with me for childbirth!

Here still nonsense what!

To be present on childbirth!

There naked women, at them from where that that that gets out.

Also does not smell as neither an esthetics, nor romanticism.

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But I was so lazy

But I was so lazy It can be carried out when necessary, being engaged in anything, for example, watching TV, standing at a plate, expecting the bus or playing a computer game.

But I was so lazy and in this question irresponsible that did it occasionally, and not once a day as it is necessary, and at most time ten.

Still sometimes sat in a pose of tailor lotus.

And all my care of own body was limited to that I, being afraid of a varicosity, watched TV with the feet raised higher than a level of hips.

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The father

The father It was caught in a trap from which he could not run away because the father and it were in the close room, from where it was impossible to get out all eight hours.

Naturally, it was right.

The father planned this conversation for that time when Bob has no place to get to.

The father considered that it will do the son good, and did not understand that this the worst from this that he could make.

Many friends said to me that if conversations about drugs happen at limited time, they become more comfortable for them.

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