She only

She only All nearby turned to us to listen to the mothers answer.

She only said: Well, road.

Without paying attention to the muffled snickers, I told with sympathy: Mothers, I thought, you said to me that will die if you have sex!

Now one thousand audience laughed still is stronger, than over Steve Martin.

And mother decided that in current situation the simplest to repeat the told: Well, truly, road.

And now, that you did not think that my mother the madwoman who tried fears to beat out any nonsense from the head of the unfortunate child, I will tell that she talked not to me.

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The internal

The internal Long?

And where we hurry?

Such rates are set by the nature.

To make the child the bandit or the robot it is possible, obviously, and quicker, but here to return it to REASON, two years and the WHOLE WORLD are necessary.

The internal program of development of the child is developed against influence of habitat from which he it is free and, mostly is unpredictable, contrary to our plans, scoops information and all the life experience.

Childrens intelligence, emotions, soul napityvatsya by real life, the personality according to the internal program grows, gains strength and experience, selfconfidence and world around.

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But instead

But instead Some families found safer ways.

They consider very important for adults to talk to children about real vital problems which arose at them because of drugs.

But instead of telling about own use of drugs, they asked the relative, for example the uncle, or the close and loyal friend of a family having own history of drug addiction to tell about it.

Teenagers whom I met and which talked to the relative about drugs, found such conversations more useful, than talk with parents.

And the real story about the use of drugs from the one who does not establish the house of rules, makes bigger impact.

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Also know, they

Also know, they I think, it because parents know about alcohol and nicotine quite enough and, perhaps, plaid about them at teenage age.

I do not prove that most of parents resolve or they should allow children to use these things, I simply say that the main part of teenagers declares that parents know about their intention to try alcohol and tobacco.

It strongly differs from the relations of parents to that children use drugs.

Also know, they are right.

According to the Centers of control of diseases and their prevention, the Center of research of risky acts among youth and the American oncological society, seven of ten teenagers try to smoke, and eight of ten tried alcohol.

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At such

At such It is necessary to be guided by these conclusions when we deal with violations of development of the speech in children with a cerebral palsy.

When the child has some motive violations, they are reflected in operation of his speech and respiratory device, by a voice and an articulation, a mimicry and gestures.

At such child sensitivity violations will be to a greater or lesser extent expressed.

All this leaves a mark on development of the speech.

Speech development of the child with a cerebral palsy Children with a cerebral palsy differently respond to the speech turned to them.

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