They provide

They provide Balance reactions balance Reactions of balance arise automatically when balance is unexpectedly lost.

They allow us to keep it and to restore and provide the free and independent movements of the head and extremities at any position of a body.

Protective reactions Sudden and sharp loss of balance causes also protective reactions.

They provide protection of the person when we lost balance and there was a falling threat.

We throw out straight arms with the opened palms forward to lean on them forward vypryamitelny reaction.

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And this

And this Later, the same year, this offer was supported by all members of Group that started process of a useful exchange of visits, fresh ideas and practical practices between Kitezhem and some most successful organizations which many years conduct therapeutic work with problem children.

And this process already yields results.

After ten years of consulting work with the Russian ministries, local authorities and separate orphanages and schools to me was extremely pleasantly and flatterly within the last five years to watch development of this remarkable community and, perhaps, to help it.

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We have to give

We have to give We have to give such opportunity to it are a kid it is necessary to carry on the house that he studied world around, to give it different subjects that he got acquainted with them and chose that especially will be pleasant to it.

The big magnifying glass perfectly is suitable for studying of a collection in details.

It will be especially interesting if you, walking near a pond or the river, will gather in bank of water and put everything there that will interest the child, houses he with pleasure will consider the finds through a magnifying glass.

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At a nistagma, squint, other

At a nistagma, squint, other You need only to watch that the kid was in the correct pose, after all it has to be convenient to it to consider the events.

At a nistagma, squint, other violations of motive functions of eyes or decrease in visual acuity experts who are engaged with the child, and the ophthalmologist will give to you concrete advice how to overcome these problems.

Of course, often mother and native the kid, playing with him, and automatically do everything that I advise.

However I after all emphasize importance of these occupations.

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Both the hearing

Both the hearing The special role is played thus by parents and daily occupations in natural, house, a situation.

Both the hearing aid, and special training are necessary to the child as soon as possible as full deafness is fraught with lag in speech and social development, it deprives of it communication.

In Great Britain the guides to training and hearing aids can be found in the local audiological centers which cooperate with medical and educational institutions.

Hearing aids well help such children: they strengthen sounds, almost them without distorting.

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